What to Consider When Choosing a Window

Posted: September, 2020

Windows are elements of vital importance for almost any project. They facilitate visual communication between the outside world and an internal space while filtering light, insulating from cold and hot, blocking surface water and even ensuring protection from intruders. Any architect will agree that in addition to these functions, the materials for a window will make a brutal difference in the appearance of a facade or space. Frames for windows must always meet specifications and local technical standards, while adapting to the needs of the project including; space, location, dimensions and type of opening. Choosing a window plays a critical part of any project. So what would be the first decision to make? The first concerns would be the material. Wood is universally considered a suitable material for the interiors. Wooden frames are an effective option which can bring both comfort and aesthetics to an architectural project. However, when exposed to the elements wood will require great care and becomes somewhat a complicated material to maintain.

When looking into choosing a window for a project there will always be several issues to take into consideration. An architect will need to pay attention to the air tightness, sound insulation, resistance to elements and the security against a burglary and fire. However, there is also aesthetic design decisions that will need to make a difference to the project. The decisions include whether the window surface will be flush with the facade, or of the window is further back will the frame need to be visible or hidden.

With a window being an expressive part of a building, the choice of window for a project must be made very consciously. The ideal process of window designation, is for the manufacturers to contribute during the early drawing and planning phases. This will help assist in choosing the most appropriate models, details and best solutions.

However complex, robust or well-built the windows are, what they tend to look for most in windows is how well they go with our daily lives and how well they fit into the property. All windows must function properly, prevent leaks, inhibit thermal losses and avoid problems handling or peeling. While windows protect us, they must always continue to frame beautiful landscapes around us, and connect with the outside world.

Author: AC Architects