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Luxury Architecture in the Cotswolds

Posted: June, 2021

Author: AC Architects


Our aspiration is to create luxury spaces, designed for living in the heart of the Cotswolds

Luxury residential architecture is not about quantity or cost. It’s not about gold-plated taps or a TV in every room. That’s a high-end hotel. To us, a residential home should be designed for living. Luxury means using quality materials to create beautiful yet functional buildings. It’s equally important to us to use quality sustainable materials too.

Luxury means creating light and space. We often talk about the ‘luxury of space’ because creating the right space to live in, work in, raise our families and grow old in together is key to our happiness. Architects often talk about inspiring, innovative architectural designs, but what we find inspiring are your space and your ideas.

What makes us different at Ashleigh Clarke is that we believe that the secret of great architectural design is simply understanding the client inside out.

It’s your aspirations for your home that are our inspiration. Often, the solution to a tricky design challenge is cracked by our clients themselves. If you listen to peoples’ ideas and give them time to absorb the challenge and think about things, they may well kickstart the solution. Which is why our approach is highly collaborative and our costings 100% transparent right from the start.

The secret ingredient

Most clients come with a clear vision of what they want, from a new build to a home office extension. And why they want it.

Sometimes, however, it’s harder to visualise your idea in 3 dimensions. The second secret to great architecture design is the ability to think in 4 dimensions, not just 3. Height, depth and time. Time changes everything. Spaces change with the time of day or even season.

A perfect architectural design works in all 4 dimensions.

Author: AC Architects