Architectural Advice and our most Frequently Asked Questions - Part I
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Architectural Advice and our most Frequently Asked Questions – Part I

Posted: July, 2021

Author: AC Architects


As Architects, we are always on hand to offer advice to both our existing clients and prospective clients alike. On our latest blog, we are going to start a new series exploring the most commonly asked questions we encounter. Here is the first in our series, where we look at why you should use an Architect.

Do I need to use an architect?

Are you planning an architectural renovation? Building a new house of any size? Or planning a barn or garage conversion, or an extension to your house? 

Whether your project is based on traditional or contemporary architecture design, an architect ensures that you do so legally and safely. They may suggest ideas you hadn’t thought of or spot potential obstacles or permissions required for your project that you were unaware of.

Involving an architect opens up the opportunity to create something unique, as well as something beautiful and functional.  When you engage an architect, you will see a visible difference in the quality of the design and the materials.

Architects are highly trained professionals who translate your ideas and aspirations into 3D. They can visualise your remodelled spaces and see beyond the current finishes and flooring. Plus, you have the reassurance that the technical, legal, safety and structural aspects have been thoroughly investigated and complied with.

Architects also know how to run and manage building contracts on-site and can demystify the legal complexities of building regulations.

I know exactly what I want. Can I use an architect to draw up the plans?

A RIBA Chartered Architect can draw up all the plans, technical and to scale, to accompany your Planning Permission application.

If you need any advice, reach out to us.

Author: AC Architects