BLOG POST || Ashleigh Clarke - A Year in Review 2021
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BLOG POST || Ashleigh Clarke – A Year in Review 2021

Posted: December, 2021

Author: AC Architects


With 2021 drawing to a close the time seemed apt to take a look back at the past year as an architectural practice. We took some time to interview Ashleigh Clarke, our Founder and Lead Architect and asked him about some of his favourite and most challenging moments of 2021.

What would you say has been your greatest achievement or accomplishment in the practice this year?

Our greatest achievement over the past year has been continuing to grow our practice in a challenging environment with the pandemic and various lockdowns taking place. Not only have we continued to grow as a team but our client base has also increased extensively and the projects we have taken on are far larger than in our earlier years. We are now a fully established Cotswolds, specialist residential architectural practice with a wealth of experience and specialisations.

What has been the most challenging aspect of 2021?

Without a doubt the pandemic and an ever-increasing workload as we continued to grow our practice.

What has motivated you in 2021?

As always, creating beautiful architectural designs for our clients and continuing to grow our Cotswolds-based practice.

What trends do you predict in architectural terms for 2022?

As people have been forced to spend more time at home during the pandemic, creating beautiful, light-filled living spaces has been a priority so we expect to see this trend continue as well as the desire for open-plan living. Combining traditional features with contemporary design will also continue to prevail as a trend into 2022.

What’s your vision for Ashleigh Clarke Architects in 2022?

Without a doubt, to continue to grow as a practice and take on challenging projects.

Author: AC Architects