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Sustainable Architects

Green architecture that doesn’t cost the Earth.

We are sustainable architects. Sustainable architecture minimises the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, waste and energy resources. The energy required to construct and run our buildings is responsible for 40% of the Earth’s carbon emissions. In the UK, it’s closer to 50%. As green architects, we have a responsibility to design eco-friendly buildings that enable people to live sustainably and make the best use of resources. That includes light, heating and water as well as the actual materials we use.

We believe in sustainability right through the architectural process – whether it is how we recycle at our architectural studio, drinking Fair Trade coffee or using environmentally-friendly material. Right down to how we operate on site during construction to minimise our environmental impact. There are considerations of social and environmental sustainability from start to finish.

We use natural materials where possible, especially when renovating or extending Grade II or listed buildings. Using local stone for example creates synergy with the surrounding building and the environment. The Cotswolds landscape commands respectful, sympathetic architecture. Designs that fuse contemporary modern architecture with existing traditional structures are often described as brave or innovative. For us, it’s as important that they are environmentally friendly.

Our aim is to design homes that look at home with their environment.

“Sustainable residential architecture is an increasingly important topic. We reduce the environmental impact of a new build through the entire process until the client walks through the door.”

Ashleigh Clarke, Founder and Architect