Planning Architects
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Planning Architects

Ashleigh Clarke Architects. Designed for Living Planning Architects in the heart of the Cotswolds

As architects, we believe that it is a fundamental principle of architecture to consider how a proposed building or renovation could affect neighbours, the environment and the surrounding landscape.

Obtaining the correct Planning Permissions, and other permissions you may need if your building is Listed or in a Conservation Area, is part of our process and we have extensive experience in the area, particularly for heritage and historic properties situated within the Cotswolds.

Planning is integral to the architectural process, and it is the key RIBA stage between the initial brief and the start of construction. You will need Planning Permission if you are making a substantial alteration to an existing structure or building from the ground up. Substantial alteration includes any changes to the exterior of a building, or significant structural alterations to an interior space. Throughout the process we keep you fully informed as to the progress of your application.

We cannot guarantee that a Planning Permission application will be successful, but we will always ensure that your application has the best possible chance of being approved by submitting the most detailed drawings and architectural renders of the proposed building design.