Unique Architecture
Ashleigh Clarke Architects

Unique Architecture

Ashleigh Clarke Architects. Designed for Living Unique architecture in the heart of the Cotswolds

What makes architecture unique? It’s the classic combination of inspired and creative use of space alongside practical, logical thinking to create innovative designs which break away from a traditional aesthetic.

Over our years as Cotswold-based Architects, we have worked with a number of clients to create contemporary structures such as extensions with extensive glazing and aluminium frames to traditional Cotswold stone architecture, which has resulted in some visionary and innovative buildings. We have linked the more traditional parts of heritage buildings to contemporary extensions via glass walkways and opened up spaces which are flooded with natural light whilst also affording stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Our Unique Approach

Architects often talk about inspiring, innovative architectural designs, but we always draw inspiration from the surrounding countryside and our client’s home spaces and ideas. Our clients’ aspirations, however ambitious they may be, help to inspire us to create unique architecture and the more ambitious the design, the closer our collaboration with them has to be.

We believe in honesty and will always be clear with you if we think that something cannot or should not be done for structural, environmental or aesthetic reasons and we will ensure that we work hard to find a viable alternative.

We believe in listening to our clients’ ideas and giving them the time to really absorb the challenge and think things through carefully. This is why our approach is highly collaborative and our costings are always 100% transparent right from the start.