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How we work

Our Approach We believe that architecture is personal. And we take it personally.

“Architecture is about trust. As architects, we walk away at the end of the project, but the client will be living in that space every day. Trust and collaboration need to be there right from the beginning.”

Ashleigh Clarke, Founder and Senior Architect

At Ashleigh Clarke Architects, our designs and their costings are bespoke to your project. We believe in collaborating from the very first email or call and nderstanding your budget and presenting the best design to achieve your goal is the first, fundamental stage in any project we undertake.

That’s why the walk through your home at the initial site visit is such an important part of the process. It is always a privilege to be invited into someone’s home. As we walk through together, we may suggest new options for you to consider and most importantly, we listen to your needs and wants.

We give you the time to take things into consideration, to really think about our proposal and to reach your own conclusion as to whether you believe that we are the right fit for your project.

We are a small practice in the Cotswolds who strive to work closely with our clients and ensure there is friendly, approachable communication throughout the process. Being a small practice ensures consistency and you will work with the same person throughout your architectural journey.

“In the end, it’s not just my design, it’s everyone’s design. Everyone’s ideas and wishes have been incorporated – and acted upon.”

Ashleigh Clarke, founder and architect

Our designs can be grand, but our approach is anything but.

Appointing an architect can be daunting. The process itself, with its permissions and compliances, can often seem intimidating but the team at Ashleigh Clarke will seamlessly guide you through the stages. Understanding your budget and presenting the best design to achieve your goal is the first, fundamental stage in any project that we undertake.

Throughout the process, we pride ourselves on being transparent and truthful about the associated costs and build in contingency. You will receive daily updates on the progress of the build and renovations as they happen so that there are no nasty surprises further down the line.

And our sustainable approach to architectural design won’t cost the Earth either.