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Commercial Architects Beautiful commercial building design

Commercial architecture covers a range of non-residential building projects. Where we work and how we feel when we are at work is crucial to productivity and performance, but especially to our wellbeing. After all, we may spend as long in our working environments as we do in our homes.

We have 10 years’ experience in modern commercial building design. We convert retail shops to offices requiring Listed Building compliance, renovate and extend existing modern commercial buildings and convert retail premises back to residential.

The best commercial building designs are the ultimate balance of form and function. Commercial building design covers manufacturing, retail and office space. Designing for commercial imperatives means space has to work hard. In retail for example, designing so that customers can circulate, so that goods can be displayed and stored is key. As well as making sure that staff have enough room to work and a beautifully-designed space to relax in on their breaks. We are trusted experts in commercial architecture, particularly in converting residential to retail – and back again.