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Education Architects Beautiful, educational spaces to learn in

All children deserve an inspirational, functional building to learn in. Not to mention an exciting playground to explore and let off steam! Getting education architecture and school buildings right is something we are committed to, both as architects and parents ourselves. Great design solutions for schools and colleges is often about ‘directing traffic,’ ensuring that large numbers of staff and pupils can move freely and safely around a number of different spaces, halls and rooms many times during the school day. Nobody wants gridlock when they’re trying to get to a lesson on time – or lunch!

We work closely with a number of education clients advising on and producing early concept feasibility schemes in line with BB103 guidelines. We can support you through the funding application process – the School Development Plan – to secure financial backing before taking it to full planning application stage.  We work in close collaboration with our approved quantity surveyors who provide us with costs at all stages. This enables our clients to see the full range of possibilities for new buildings or re-modellings of existing school spaces as the project progresses.